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10 Inspirational and Motivational Posters for Writers

I love creating inspirational and motivational posters because they allow me to indulge in my three passions; art, writing and personal development. I created the posters below using stock photos which I then matched with my own words. I hope you find them both inspiring and motivating.

1. Be Different

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To make your online articles stand out from the crowd you must be different; to be different you must be yourself; to be yourself you must write about what you know in a way that attracts the crowd.

2. Remember the Law of Accumulation


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Your daily income from writing articles online may not be much at first, but over time as you submit more articles, your accumulated earnings will turn into a nice little nest-egg that you can use for some future event.

3. Develop a Rhythm

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Aim to write a minimum of 1 article every 24 hours; it’s not as difficult as it may seem. At the end of one year you will have 365 little workers earning money for you.

4. Capture Ideas

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Find a place to collect your article ideas, any ideas that capture your interest should be put in this place. This is your article seed bank; it’s an investment that could one day yield a rich harvest for you.

5. Create a Domino Effect

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Place links to your old articles into your new articles. If one of your new articles goes viral then all the articles linked to it will benefit.

6. Write Something Helpful

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Help people find what they’re looking for online. To do this you must discover what people want…If you can find a need and fill it, you will have a successful article.

7. Tackle Writer’s Block

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One tip for tackling writer’s block is to think of a person, place, thing, action or feeling and ask yourself, ‘if this were an article what possible titles could it have?’ You’d be surprised how many title ideas and subsequent articles that come from this little trick.

8. Show off Your Articles


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Put your articles on your website or blog then publicise them in as many ways as possible: on printed T-shirts, car stickers, business cards, advertisement boards in shops, email and profile signatures, free online classified ads, forums, social bookmarking sites, etc.

9. Create a Buzz

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Give people MASSIVE reasons to visit your article. Your article title is the first thing they’ll see, so make it a really good one. Then make your content so amazing and so memorable that people will want to share it with others; to talk about it in blogs and forums; to link to it on their websites. Do this and your traffic will flow abundantly.

10. See Your Writing as a Business


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See your writing as a business and your articles as products in your business. Before putting any of your products on display make sure they are attractive, desirable, easy for customers to find, and that they do what they say they will do.

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