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10 Great Sayings About Flash Fiction

Here is a list of short sayings that help to explain just what flash fiction is.

Hello hello hello, my brother and sister writers.  It’s the Old Soldier here reporting from Pittsburgh on flash fiction and things that have to do with writing flash fiction…

The snow has stopped, but as I sit here at my workstation I can see it piled on the roofs of some of the homes in the neighborhood.  I live on the second floor and one window gives me just the right angle to see the sloped roofs of buildings that are a few floors higher.

But this is not an article about rooftops or the weather.  This is an article about flash fiction.  Now I should make a correction here about the title.  The sayings I’m going to list are not so much great sayings as they are great ways of remembering what a flash fiction short story is.  And I made the sayings up myself.  They help to define flash fiction to me so that when I’m writing a very short story I have these little sayings floating around in my head to keep me headed in the right direction.

  1. Flash fiction is a significant event given closure
  2. Closure can be a summation, a change in direction or an epiphany (realization)
  3. Flash fiction captures a moment in time
  4. A flash fiction writer can write short on long subjects
  5. The shorter a short story is the deeper it should be
  6. Compressionism (show-don’t-tell) is the use of words to paint a picture that tells a story
  7. Compressionism can always imply more than a non-Compressionist story
  8. Image (show-don’t-tell) is thought
  9. Image is emotion
  10. Compressionism allows the reader to take part in the creative process

Flash Fiction: Her Warm Breasts is a short story of mine.

My Ebook for Serious Writers

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