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Reasons To Admire

The father in “The Wasteland” by Alan Paton and Andy in “On The Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter are both put through a life threatening situation and even though Andy dies, there is a lot of comparison as to why these two people should be admired. They help the reader by showing them, no matter what the problems people face, that they should stand up and fight because life is worth living.

The father in “The Wasteland” is a brave hard-working citizen and this is why he should be admired because he reveals to us what life has thrust upon him and why we must fix the problems that humans have given ourselves over generations. Even though the father had gotten off the bus in an unsafe area reinforced by the quote “it went down the dark street like an island of safety in a sea of perils” it is to be admired simply because of his need to provide for his family.

We begin to feel the emotions the man is feeling when we see that the barred doors of the convent will not open until a dead body is there which tells us he is in a risky situation because the fact he was in so much trouble was that he had his wages on him. He is to be admired for his emotions towards his family “his wife could be made a widow, his children fatherless.” When we find out that the son has informed the gang members we feel sickened that he could do such a thing and we feel that he deserved to get killed when he tried to kill the father, on the other hand the father does not agree with us because his son was still his family and he was determined to live for them and the fact that he had killed his son made him feel disgusted and the words “people arise! The world is dead” shows us the problems we are currently facing in the world.

We should admire the father’s courage and strength to get through his ordeal. When “he lifted his heavy stick and brought it down on the head of his pursuer” we begin to feel justice for the father because he his standing up for himself like how good triumphs over evil in kids’ cartoons and it shows us his need for survival. He also endures pain and suffering throughout his ordeal “he tore at the wire and it tore at him too, ripping his face and hands.” This shows how the man is determined to survive not for himself, but for his family even though life had treated him unfairly.

The boy Andy in “On The Sidewalk Bleeding” has to face the same kind of problems and even though he does not survive his ordeal there are similarities in the will to survive and the bravery the men both have. The men have both realize that life is usually unfair and for Andy he does not survive his ordeal because of his upbringing and life as a gang member.

Andy in “On The Sidewalk Bleeding” is a brave and proud young man. This is why he joins the gang The Royals. Andy’s bravery should be admired because he was willing to fight any other rival gang member to represent his gang “they’re afraid of the guardians. But why should they be? I wasn’t afraid of the guardians. I never turkeyed out of a rumble with the guardians.” The fact that he was willing to fight the other gang no matter what the odds were is extremely brave and this is why Andy’s bravery is admirable.

Andy should also be admired for being proud about himself before he knew he was dying. After the fight he had with The Guardians, Andy thought to himself “they got me good” believing that the rival gang did well to bring him down but he was still proud to be a Royal. “He could remember how happy he was when The Royals had taken him. The Royals and The Guardians, two of the biggest. He was a Royal. There had been meaning to the title.” This shows how Andy had longed to be in the gang and when The Royals had taken him in he was so proud he was willing to do almost anything for the gang. He was also very proud he had Laura as his girlfriend and this is to be admired greatly.

Finally the father in “The Wasteland” by Alan Paton and Andy from “On The Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter, are very brave people who get trapped in their surroundings. These two people are important in the story because it shows the reader how unfair people can be treated and how harsh life may sometimes be and it shows that we should be thankful for the area we live in because there are not that many problems in New Zealand.

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