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Male-Female Relationships in the Flash Fiction Story

In any story about male-female relationships there has to be tension or some kind of conflict. Even in a love story. Otherwise, there is no story.

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“Editor Hogan, good to talk to you again.”

“Same here.”

“Okay, you’ve written several love stories.  Even when a man and a woman are desperately in love in one of your stories that story doesn’t always end happily ever after.”

“Just like life.  The easiest way to get conflict in a love story is to have the conflict between the man and the woman.  It’s a clean and simple story device.  And it can be quite compelling.  A writer doesn’t have to mix in any subplots to give a story texture.  The texture can come from what the characters say or don’t say.  From the weather or the locale and especially from inanimate objects.  That’s one way to control a reader’s reaction to the storyline, through the inanimate objects.  The reader won’t even realize the objects are being used as signifiers if they’re used with some subtlety.”

“Is this why you admire Hemingway?”

“Absolutely.  His stories are full of concrete details and the details are there for a reason.  Even the animals are there for a reason.”

“For you, what determines whether a story you’re writing about love ends happily for the lovers?”

“Sometimes I know before hand and I write toward that resolution.  But sometimes the ending comes as a surprise.  And if I’m surprised I know the reader will be surprised, too.  And that’s the best happy ending of all.”

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