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Life Essay

Meaning of life.

Life teaches many lessons; I’ve learned not to expect anything in life. Life can be cruel and unusual at times. Life can also be the most unfair thing for you. It is like a test, you will never win this test, while at the same time you will also never lose. It is everlasting.

Life, it hits you, but not softly. It could possibly hit you so hard, that it feels like a 2 ton semi plowing through your chest in a second. The things that hit hard, they will take a while to understand. They will never be easy to understand, you may look back onto them after years, and still be confused. These moments could be emotional, no, they will be emotional. They also will be hard, and ruff. These moments will never be smooth; you might have emotional break downs multiple times. But these emotional breakdowns will help you see the light in such a hard situation. 

Now, let’s continue with our study onto life. Now we are at the part that we all hate the most, how it’s unfair. Nothing in life comes fairly; if something is taken away it will not be replaced. Loved ones are the perfect example. Once a member is gone they will never be given back to you. Even if another member may be born they will never replace the lost member. Never once will something fair happen, this is what we all hate. Why must we go about knowing that nothing will be fair? Why do we cherish the hopes we have that eventually it will be, but it never is? That’s because we are meant to question these things. What would the greatest test be if it was just a smooth walk in the park?

The answer to such a strange question would be nothing. The test of life would be nothing, but a stroll through a local park. There would be no sadness, no depression, and no emotions. This test that we call life teaches you lessons, lessons that once you learn, will stay with you forever. Sure you might bury some of the lessons in your brain but eventually that lesson will come back up. You will fail parts of this test, but then pass other parts. But never will you pass or fail the full thing. But, if you do well enough on this test we call life people will remember who you are; since you possibly could have left a mark on society.

Even through the multiple trials you have to endure, you’ll learn multiple lessons. Just like I have, it’s a part of the process. With life being cruel and unusual, still remember to not expect anything. You never know exactly what life will throw at you, but remember. Make it the best that you can.

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