Triond Messed Up, Again

The website is continuing to ignore its writers.

Writing About Anything?

Can you turn nothing into something? How about anything into something? Here’s where I try to go down the rabbit hole to see what I can scrounge up.

All About


Watch as CNN Apologizes for Playing Racist Music on The Air During an Ending News Cast Story

CNN racial mishap cleanup. The news had mad the news again!

Writers’ Unplugged

Ever suffered with writers’ block? Here are how some of the ways our more notable writers’ deal with the frustration…

Publishing on Triond

People have been asking me for help regarding publishing on the site over many years when it is best to get in touch with the company. People should be more proactive as I will explain in this article instead of expecting another writer to be there for help.

Writing: Respect is Hard to Come By

"A man is not respected in his home land"

What’s Wrong with Triond?

It’s been weeks and articles sit in pending, and more problems. Is Triond Dead?

Tips on How to Make a Communicative Article and Delicious Reads

Writing articles is easy bother. It depends on the condition and our current situation. When our mood good condition, we can easily write an article a few pages. Conversely condition bad mood just to move the hand, it feels heavy. To overcome this we need to practice writing continuously. The goal that the results of our writing could be better than before. accompanied by a lot-a lot of reading in order to increase the vocabulary word in the memory of our brain.

Here are Tips to Write Articles That Communicative and Delicious Reads.

Writing Out a Detailed Budget

Writing out a detailed budget.

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