Deciding Your Style of Writing

Different people have different skill sets and what they want to do with it and you need to use that to your advantage.

Burned Bridges Has Been Picked Up for Production and Will be Made Into a Movie!

Talented screenwriter and published author, Marguerite Ashton, who has penned two books, will have her screenplay, "Burned Bridges," brought to life on screen!

The Secret to Keeping Your Budget on Track

The Secret to Keeping Your Budget on Track.

Lyric Writing 101: Part Four

Lyric Writing 101: Part Four.

The Secret to Keeping Your Budget on Track

The Secret to Keeping your Budget on Track.

The Internet is a Much Bigger Writing Pad Than You Think

Our writing stage can seem much smaller than it is when we write online. This is a result of the same kind of doubt writers struggle with. Here’s a further explanation of what that is.


The Works Of Writing!!!

Short Truths

This collection is meant for use in oral situations where it is needed to get a point across quickly to avoid interruption by others. It is recommended to memorize these truths to have them ready at any time. Use in writing is of course also allowed.

Too Stingy to Do Right

I hate to say it but a lot of Christians and church folk don’t know that the Golden Rule is based on the Bible verse that is found in Matthew 7:12 which says, Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

Nine How to be a Writer Book Ngetop

How to be the author of a book is popular, simply by doing a real step nine below, among others :

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