2015 Greetings and Inspirations

Concerning Faith and Inspirational Quotes.

Write to Improve Your Skills and Not Necessarily for Money

Learn how to use freelance writing jobs to improve your writing standards and make more money from your writing.

Creepiest Wikipedia Articles

A list of creepy wikipedia articles.

Frustration Over Other Writing Site

Frustration over other writing site.

Why Managers Must Not Write Marketing Materials

Managers are obsessed with marketing speak, that’s a good reason why they should never be allowed to write your marketing materials. This article looks at the problems this tendency can cause and how to prevent it.

Are You Thinking of Making That Big Career Shift?

Many of us probably have the same thing in mind: to settle into a new career. But how do we get there? Is it even right to make that big shift?

Why Should You Only Employ The Experts to Write Content

Why Should You Only Employ the Experts to Write Content.

Copy Editing: 10 Powerful, Mind Blowing Secrets for Writing a High- Impact Ad

Copy Editing: 10 Powerful, Mind Blowing Secrets For Writing A High- Impact Ad.

Shaking The Money Tree: Managing Slow Payers

*Article Use … in opt-in … or on Web sites, but please … resource box. Please send me a copy, if … Many … Slow payers affect every … B.

Writing Ebooks for a Living

If you enjoy writing and earning an income online then you will most likely enjoy writing eBooks for a living. You do not have to be a professional writer or journalist to create eBooks and sell them on the internet. All you really need is a product to market and the ability to communicate its benefits to the masses.

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