Does Texting Help or Hurt Students in Non Texting Writing

Here is the results of a study that compared students who text in text speak and those who use proper grammar in writing texts. What are the results?

Three Phases to Email Sensitivity

The … dynamics of … each … is very complex. From that … three … float to the top that you will want to … with. I’d like to labe.

Are Your Articles High-quality?

Are Your Articles High-Quality?

The Five Most Awesome Forms of Punctuation

Punctuation rocks! It can impact writing in a way that mere words can never achieve. Whether you’re using a comma, period, ellipses or a dash, nothing can influence your writing more than correct and effective use of punctuation.

Creative Fiction Writing Workshop: Starting Your Story

How do I get started writing my story? Where do I get ideas for my creative fiction writing?Get ideas from virtually any common, ordinary situation. Get out of your house to see real people and the real world and ideas will come from the most random…

Blogs are an Art Form That Takes Practice to Do Well

Blogs are an Art Form that Takes Practice to do Well.

How to Write a Personal Ad

Dating took a new twist. With online access to dating affiliations, you can now meet someone half way across the continent or half way around the world. It’s up to you. When you a dating premise, you then get to write your ad – let me help you with that process.

“Don’t Get Mad, Get Creative!”

Texting is a new form of online communication. Texting is English that’s been adapted to the rapid fire conversational style of instant messaging. Commonly transmitted over cell phones or mobile devices, "texters" use the.

Tips for Improving Your Business Writing

You can … … to your … success by … your writing skills. If you’re … a … … you will be required to write a business … It could be.

Fight 1337 Speak… Please Help Save Our Language

"OMFG! W00+!!! Dat s0000000 … Dat is teh … … The Internet is invading our lives and our minds and … as it … … is … our youths’ spellin.

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